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launches an innovative programme to attract research talent in the field of Smart Energy


GOT ENERGY TALENT (GET) is a highly competitive fellowship programme that searches for postdoctoral talent in the field of Smart Energy. It offers 34 fellowships equally distributed in 2 calls that will take place in Madrid (Spain). The first call is open and the second one will be opening on Spring 2019.

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The first diagnostic assessment has been written by the project and has been published. 

The whole report can be found here.

THE REPORT SHOWS that the five partner countries, Greece, Hungary, Italy, The UK and Sweden have a very different history when it comes to migration. However there are lots of similarities in the needs of the migrant women.
The women interviewed in the Consortium shared two important resources that are crucial in fostering a positive labour market inclusion (and social inclusion in the receiving country more broadly): the ability to adapt to a new environment and resilience.
These two psychological resources represent important protecting factors against vulnerability. Structural – and sometimes overwhelming – barriers, though, can undermine them. 

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- A few words from the coordinator, Professor Tullia Gallina Toschi
- PLOTINA project video
- How PLOTINA works to promote gender balance and inclusion in research, innovation and training

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- Awards for pupils in Greece
- Winning logo for EUMentorSTEM
- Inova Consultancy Ltd 

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