One hundred words for equality

A glossary of terms on equality between women and men, from the European Commission, 1998

A report from the European Commision
'Since the very beginning, the European Union has played a significant role in the promotion of equality between women and men. In recent years, through four consecutive mid-term action programmes for equal opportunities and through legislation where necessary, we have developed this role and intensified our action.
Most recently, the signature of the Treaty of Amsterdam has given a fresh impetus as it not only explicitly includes equality between women and men among the Community priority objectives but also states that, in all its activities, the Community shall aim at eliminating inequalities and promoting equality between
women and men.
This glossary is part of that impetus. It is the first attempt to put together all the terms commonly used in the area of equality policy, and it will go some way towards creating a common language in Europe for all actors in this field.'
Foreword by Pádraig Flynn, Member of the European Commission with responsibility for employment and social affairs
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